If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

We will assist you to drive a data driven strategy to allow you to make informed IT decisions by starting your diagnostic program today. Our diagnostic programs collect data from you and your stakeholders. Using powerful analytics engines a report is built to assist your IT department to make critical decisions.

Our Selection of IT Diagnostic Tools

Stakeholder feedback tools

We collect data from your stakeholders to build boardroom ready reports that you can share with senior management and use to make strategic decisions:

  • CEO-CIO Alignment program
  • CIO Business Vision program
  • End User Satisfaction diagnostic

IT staff feedback tools

Collect data from your IT team to build powerful reports that help you make better management decisions:

  • Management and Governance diagnostic
  • IT Staffing Assessment

Role based assessments

Use our automated tools to conduct assessments of your critical IT processes and turn them into actionable insights to communicate with stakeholders:

  • Application portfolio assessment
  • IT security diagnostic program
  • Project portfolio assessment

Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check (PEPs). Our newest Diagnostic

Allows organizations to gather feedback from employees to ensure that they’re responding in a meaningful way during the Pandemic. This survey is designed to launch, collect data, and debrief results very quickly.

Organizations need a strong pandemic response in order to:

1. Avoid confusion and misinformation so employees have a clear path.

2. Prepare and support employees working remotely (or keep them safe on site).

3. Manage change and general anxiety about the changing work world.

4. Continue to engage employees through the best of times as well as the worst of times.


No organization is an expert in pandemic response, and employees can provide information on situations that you may not have anticipated. Example of PEP diagnostics:

Make Informed Decisions with Core IT Diagnostics, Metrics and Scorecards

IT diagnostics

Are you ready to unlock your IT Team's potential through powerful diagnostics?


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