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IT leadership development

An effective IT leader can greatly improve the morale and performance of an IT team and boost the overall productivity of an entire organization. Investing in IT leadership development for your organizations technical leadership is a direct investment in the success of your entire organization. Tandem CIO delivers development programs to ensure your organization realize true leadership transformation by creating real and lasting impact to your senior technology leadership groups. Coaching is provided by experienced consultants who served in executive IT leadership roles and understand the specific demands typically experienced in IT.

The program framework

-The first 100 days as an IT leader
-Transfer IT knowledge before its gone
-Become a strategic CIO
-Become a more effective IT leader
-Train managers to have difficult conversations
-Leading staff through change
-Select strategically – Aligned leadership competencies

-Build a better manager: Self governance
-Build a better manager: People development
-Help managers inform, interact, and involve on the way to team engagement
-Implement effective employee development planning
-Optimize the mentoring program to build a high performing learning organization

-Drive IT performance by monitoring employee experience
-Improve employee engagement to drive IT performance
-Train managers to strengthen employee relationships to improve engagement
-Effectively recognize IT employees

-Build successful teams
-Leverage agile goal setting for improved employee engagement and performance
-Set meaningful employee performance measures

-Redeploy IT staff to fill changing demands
-Acquire new and hot IT skills
-Develop IT staff capabilities

-Strategically recruit and retain more woman in IT
-Acquire the right hires with effective interviewing

Are you ready to take your IT team to the next level of maturity?