IT consulting services, Lusaka, Zambia

Tandem CIO is a South African based strategic IT consulting firm helping businesses across Zambia, to run their IT operations, assess their technology needs, align IT with their strategy, develop plans and policies and maximise technical or digital relationships.

We provide long-term IT solutions from short-term consulting services. Our goal is to apply tried and tested solutions in order for you to achieve your business objectives.

Tandem is a legal IT services provider with a personal touch providing expertise on tap, on demand and on your side, without the price of a full-time CIO. 

Why Lusaka companies should work with Tandem CIO?

  • We provide consulting services in Zambia driven by your business requirements. Tandem CIO can place a fully qualified CIO into your company to create a long-term plan that will take into account your individual requirements and business goals.
  • As your CIO, Tandem will propose well-considered decisions, assess the true of your IT in your business and oversee implementation of strategic initiatives. We will also implement cost saving strategies to help your organisation become more profitable.
  • Large enterprises in Lusaka can justify a large technical team, but most cannot. At Tandem CIO, we want to help your business by providing IT and technology consulting services driven by your specific business requirements.

Wondering how technology could help your firm?

We provide IT consulting in Lusaka with expertise on tap, on demand and on your side, without the price of a full-time CIO.

At Tandem CIO, we take great pride in being able to bring your organisation or business in Zambia into the technological age. Technology plays an important role to ensure you can respond positively to client and market demands as companies face increasing pressure to adjust fees, cap prices, and provide more for less.

A forward thinking and well implemented IT plan is critical for any company. Alignment of business goals with your technology infrastructure is important in enabling smooth and consistent growth whilst maintaining good client relationships.

Need help with your business IT strategy?

Tandem CIO uses experience, industry insight and access to a network of professionals to bring your firm up to date. Our consultants advise with competence, decisiveness and strong leadership.

Our IT Strategic Planning Workshops ensure a technology strategy is developed that's aligned to your firm’s vision and goals, engaging all areas of business to ensure all requirements and technology gaps are understood so that the appropriate action can be taken.

As your CIO consultant company in Lusaka, Tandem will propose wellconsidered decisions, assess the true state of IT maturity in your business and oversee implementation of strategic initiatives. We will also minimise costs while allowing your team to re-claim some of their valuable time.

Need help navigating your firms IT landscape?

Many firms cannot justify a large technical team, so at Tandem CIO, we help you to adopt and understand the technology and IT systems you need to succeed taking you into the technological age.

As your outsourced CIO, we will assess the state of your firms IT maturity, oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives and keep costs down while allowing your team to re-claim some of their valuable time.

To begin your process improvement journey you need the right data but discovering your IT department's strengths and weaknesses depends on asking them the right questions.

As digital transformation allows businesses in Zambia to innovate and create in ways unseen before, it also brings with it some serious security concerns that have potential legal consequences.

Want to take your CIO career to the next level?

Large enterprises can justify a large technical team led by a seasoned CIO, but most smaller businesses cannot. We provide consulting services driven by your business requirements.

Tandem offers technical assistance that may not be able to justify a large inhouse technical team. Get the benefit of having someone that brings years of experience operating in diverse IT environments without having to pay for a permanent senior IT executive.

Unlike traditional IT consulting firms in Lusaka, we provide forward-thinking “Virtual CIO” consulting, focused on utilising technology to increase business performance. We have mastered the issues that executives face because our consultants have served in executive management roles, spanning B2B, B2C and Legal services firms.

It is often the case that you and your boss are on different pages when it comes to the vision of IT. We can help you formalise your communication and goal setting to ensure your vision and direction align.

Lusaka IT consulting company mentorship

Planning of any new critical strategic initiative requires the right person at the helm with the necessary experience.

Tandem CIO is able to provide mentorship to incumbent IT Managers, inhouse IT managers and directors or newly appointed CTO/CIO roles that wish to further their careers. Our experienced CIOs have extensive knowledge in all areas of IT, offering ongoing guidance and tools to ensure that your company grows from within.

We deliver development programs that ensure your organisation realises true leadership transformation by creating a real and lasting impact in your senior technology leadership groups. Coaching is provided by experienced consultants who served in executive IT leadership roles and understand the specific demands typically experienced in IT.

Tandem CIO have experts who work closely with you from inception to guide the program from the top.

Looking for a fast turnaround on future IT projects?

Companies in Zambia and other countries often grapple with effective project management and cannot justify a large technical team led by a seasoned, inhouse CIO. By learning how to better plan and manage resource capacity effectively, projects can be run more efficiently, effectively, and with a higher profit return. We will do an assessment to help your company with project management.

We know that IT Projects often require rescuing to get back on track as quickly as possible. When you work with Tandem, your consulting CIO will identify roadblocks quickly and formulate remediation plans to ensure your project is driven to completion.

If your IT project needs rescuing as quickly as possible, our turnaround solution will get it back on track. We identify roadblocks and formulate remediation plans to ensure your project is driven to completion.

From policy and process development to IT organisational structure, role descriptions to service development, our short term services will help you get back on track and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Antony Smit, director at Tandem CIO

I am a multi-disciplined senior technology leader who consistently contributes to increased productivity, unlocking efficiencies and profit. I have worked on various platforms and infrastructures in the IT sector in Lusaka. As a natural relationship builder, I am equipped with the vision and purpose to drive organizational change and am able to adapt positively to any challenges that arise both personally and professionally. I am an excellent communicator and networker with well-developed interpersonal skills. I am a team player and have the ability to form trusted relationships with subordinates, clients as well as superiors. I manage through mutual respect, honest communication and trust. I keep my eye on the bottom line. I maintain a strong work ethic and governance. I have a healthy competitive attitude and thrive under pressure.

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