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Founder and Principle Consultant

With a wealth of experience in executive IT management, our consultants have mastered the technology issues business executives face.

Our founder and principle consultant, Anthony Smit, has 22 years’ experience in business and IT management, working in executive IT leadership roles for Osiris Trading (Betway), Webber Wentzel, and more recently started working with mid-sized African firms and SME’s to assist in maturing their IT environments.

Anthony graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce, Honours in Business Management from the University of South Africa.

The primary objective of Tandem CIO’s service offering is to enable your technology environment and existing staff compliment, whether permanent or outsourced, to grow into a strategic function. IT can no longer only keep the lights on. Firms today are under increasing pressure from clients to adjust fees, cap prices, and provide more for less.

Technology plays an important role to ensure you can respond positively to client and market demands.

Most small to medium enterprises cannot justify a large technical team led by a seasoned CIO.

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Why Choose Tandem CIO?

Unlike traditional IT consulting firms, Tandem CIO provides forward thinking “Virtual CIO” consulting, focused on leveraging technology to increase business performance. Based on experience and industry insight we provide credible advice and a strategic vision on your firm’s technology environment.

  • CIO expertise on tap, on demand and on-site without the price tag of a full time CIO

  • Guidance in making strategic IT decisions

  • Act as a sounding board for strategic decisions

  • Vendor and service provider agnostic

  • Representation of IT on steering committees and forums

  • Data protection and privacy policies and procedure creation and implementation to ensure you are compliant

Our Research Partner, Your Advantage

To ensure we provide the most comprehensive research and services to our clients, Tandem CIO has partnered with Info Tech Research Group.

Info Tech Research Group is the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company, serving over 30, 000 IT professionals globally. They have been helping CIOs and IT teams evolve from fire fighters to innovation champions since 1997. Their research is unbiased and highly relevant to assist IT leaders to make strategic, timely, and well informed decisions that drive business value.

The data driven programs enable business leaders to objectively measure success, and systematically improve performance year after year.



Tandem CIO is a South African based IT consulting firm working with companies across sub Saharan Africa. We are based in Gauteng, South Africa but our consultants are based in a number of countries in Africa.

Through our services we bring a consultant into your organisation who aligns with your firms IT strategy, with your strategic vision and business goals, and implements the best solutions for you, based on the country you are operating in and your vision going forward. We draw up a detailed assessment report with recommendations tailored to your organisations specific needs and place on the African continent.

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"Anthony from Tandem CIO has changed the way we work. For the better."

IT Manager.

"We were stuck and losing money due to IT non-compliance. Thanks for helping us strategically."

— T. Lusa
Business owner.

"Thank you Anthony! You have helped us so much."

— Barry
Senior Manager.