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Tandem CIO will provide your teams with the necessary guidance, mentorship and tools to improve core IT processes and develop fit for purpose IT strategies aligned to business objectives and goals. As IT consultants we provide your firm with years of CIO expertise in the form of a senior executive, obviating the need for a full time CIO. In today’s economic climate, an outsourced strategic IT partner will cut costs and dramatically boost value and productivity. 

Tandem CIO delivers customised IT consulting services and business IT coaching for organisations in Southern Africa and East Africa. By partnering with Tandem CIO, we can help your company scale with our highly-effective, researched and proven IT strategies. Implement innovative technical solutions by partnering with our information technology consultancy firm today.    

IT consulting services, Tandem CIO

We will provide your organisation with a well developed framework in all relevant CIO topics, for example – digital transformation, IT modernisation, IT strategy definition and operationalisation, information security,
cost management, risk and compliance, and act as a sounding board.

Our IT consultants are information technology experts, able to provide immense value to firms in Southern Africa and a number of countries in East Africa.

IT consulting services, Tandem CIO

An effective IT leader can greatly improve the morale and performance of an IT team and boost the overall productivity of an entire organization. Investing in IT leadership development for your organization’s technical leadership is a direct investment in the success of your entire organisation.

Tandem CIO delivers development programs to ensure your organisation realise true leadership transformation by creating real and lasting impact to your senior technology leadership groups.

IT consulting services, Tandem CIO

The overall success of an IT department will depend on the strength of its underlying core processes. Improving your processes means that you spend less time fighting fires and more time delivering exceptional business value.

Outsourcing for an experienced CIO as your strategic IT partner, instead of the costly exercise of hiring one full time, will enable your company to focus on productivity rather than attending to issues with core IT processes.

Tandem CIO ensures you have IT Management expertise on tap, that merge our extensive CIO knowledge to provide you with the benefits of a senior executive, but without the cost of a full-time CIO. We start by understanding your business drivers and objectives and provide your firm with a detailed IT analysis and a set of recommendations focusing on achieving business goals by making your Information Technology a strategic partner.

Our IT consulting company provides specialist IT consultants who are knowledgable, passionate, experienced and driven. They will immerse themselves in your business, providing a level of expertise and mentoring that will grow your individual team members and the company as a whole. 

Your company should make confident technology decisions to ensure your IT organisation keeps moving forward in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our IT consultants will keep your IT processes effective and equipped to keep abreast of the latest trends.


IT consulting services, Tandem CIO

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